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This award-winning comedy tells the story of a man so grief-stricken by the death of his parents he hires two actors to be his Mom and Dad.


"Brazenly original and unexpectedly profound."

John Thomason, Boca Mag

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This critically-acclaimed musical tells the story of Lydia Taylor, a faded Broadway star, so desperate to work she takes a job in a no-budget slasher-horror movie called "The Vigilante Granny" and her whole life changes.

"Moving, humorous, tuneful and heartfelt...deserves many tomorrows."

William Hirschman,

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In an attempt to better understand her openly gay son, a conservative Mormon woman opens her own Grindr account and she winds up learning things she never wanted to know. 

"This show has something for everyone...destined to develop far-reaching legs."

Mindy Leaf, Around Town

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